Is It Safe To Add Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Into My Water Tank?

It Is absolutely safe to add ClO2 into your potable water tank as long as you follow our directions for use.

NZ regulations for potable water recommend that you not exceed 0.8ppm of Chlorine Dioxide in your potable water.
We recommend 50-550ml of DX50 Water Treatment to 1000Ltr of water depends on the quality of the water. Usually 50ml will just be enough to kill all of the bad bugs.

We encourage our clients to have their water tested to better understand the quality and bacterial loading.

​How Long Can It Keep Once Open?

We give our DX50 and Southwell products 1 year Best Before from the manufacturing date, as long as once open you re seal between uses. If left open, ClO2 gas can eventually come out of solution and result in a weaker product.

Where And How Should I Store My Chlorine Dioxide?

DX50 CLO2 should always be stored out of direct sunlight and ideally below 25 degrees. Hot temperatures may affect product efficacy and chlorine dioxide is broken down under UV.

​Where Can I Buy It?

At the moment the best place you can but it is on our online store.
We have free shipping over $150.
We are working hard to get it to your local stores.

Is the odour hazardous?

Chlorine dioxide does have a strong smell, so you need to be mindful of this when measuring and dosing with DX50. If you do find that you have inhaled enough to make you feel unwell then find and breath fresh air and after a while you should be fine. If not please seek medical advice.

Will DX50 Water Tank Treatment effect my septic tank?

No, if you follow the directions for use on the label (50ml per 1,000Ltr of water) it will not effect your septic tank.