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What’s the best sanitising solution for work and home?

DX50 Organic Sanitiser is a win-win for Scott’s Hir-a-Bin

From sanitising their waste bin hire business to preventing mould and algae, and neutralising odours in the home, Rose and her family are finding uses for DX50 everywhere.

Waste disposal business co-owners Rose and Russell Scott decided not to take any chances with the safety of their customers and staff when Covid arrived in New Zealand. Since they discovered DX50 they’ve not looked back and now use it every day at work and at home.

Hundreds of households in and around Motueka depend on Scott’s Hir-a-Bin to dispose of their household rubbish, and every bin returned to base is disinfected using DX50 before going out to the next customer.

The safer sanitising option to protect against Covid

Ensuring all processes comply with local council regulations means that the business must be very careful about the cleaning products it uses. But with human waste products in the rubbish and the added worry of Covid, Rose wanted an effective sanitiser that would help keep her staff and customers safe, comply with regulations, and not cost the earth. She explained that with the business located next to their home, she wanted a solution that would also to be kinder to the environment.

Rose was thrilled when she discovered that DX50 was an effective sanitiser approved by MPI and BioGro for organic facilities and made locally in nearby Golden Bay. It is a tried and trusted organic sanitiser, water treatment, and fungicide used by customers all over New Zealand.

“I was worried when Covid first emerged”, said Rose. “At the very beginning there was a lot of unknowns. As an essential service we were allowed to keep working, but I was quite concerned and started researching safer options. We couldn't get any Sanitisers because the place went crazy and all locked down, but I eventually got hold of DX50. 

We put it in our big sprayers and use it in and around the trucks when they come in and in all the wheelie bins. You just need to add a small amount to water. It's so economical, it's insane. I’ve even taken it home and put it in our spray bottles. We like that we can spray and leave it on without needing to wash it off afterwards.”

An organic disinfectant with no harmful residue

In small amounts Chlorine Dioxide is used around the world to disinfect drinking water. It scientifically proven to break down fast and is very effective at killing harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites, which is why it is approved for use in many industries including food and agriculture.

Rose likes to use natural or organic products wherever possible. So, when she learned that DX50 was locally produced and approved for use in organic facilities, she decided to give it a try. She was so impressed with it that she now uses it at home and has told all her friends and family.

“We have a small farm with water troughs, rain saver tanks, animals, and a pond, and I use DX50 to sanitise everywhere. The pond and troughs often get algae and need treating every now and again, and DX50 does a better job than all the other specialist products I’ve used – in particular, it doesn’t kill the pond snails. 

Spare rooms get quite damp and musty in winter, so I just put a tiny amount of DX50 into the infusers and it suppresses the mould, plus it’s an excellent deodoriser. Even the campervan had a terrible odour from the waste pipes and DX50 was very effective at getting rid of it. I keep finding uses for DX50 and it’s crazy how much I use it. My family have all been given spray bottles, and people are getting sick of me talking about it!”

DX50 is kinder to you, your pocket, and our planet

Naturally concerned for the environment and the harmful effects of chemicals, Rose did her research before deciding on DX50. She said, “We’re old school and I like organic gardening. I also keep my ear to the ground, so I’m aware of and prefer to use traditional and less toxic or wasteful products such as baking soda and the like. When I did my research for a strong sanitiser that would tick all the boxes, I was pleased that I found it in DX50.”

Rose, Russell, and their family have been using DX50 for two years now with great results. The bins and trucks are sanitised, safeguarding the health of staff and customers. The water troughs and fishpond are algae free and the farm animals, fish, and even the pond snails are all healthy. The campervan and musty rooms are free of mould and have never smelt better. Plus, they’re saving money, putting less chemicals into the environment, and creating less waste. DX50 is clearly a win-win for Scott’s Hir-a-bin.

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